Michelle Rivera
I want to thank you for visiting Rock Body Moms. This site and everything that we offer is to help moms live their healthiest and best life. The challenges that us moms face when it comes to our weight can be overwhelming to say the least. Taking care of kids, maintaining the home, running errands, while many of us are also balancing careers too, can all be very exhausting. So of course the last thing we want to do is not eat what we want to eat. Enough is enough. LET'S STOP THE INSANITY!

The reason I am leading this charge is to help change lives and empower you with information that will not only make weight loss easier, but give you the knowledge of nutrition that you can benefit from for a lifetime.

I, myself have had a difficult time losing weight after having two babies. After my second pregnancy I found myself with a major Ventral Hernia and a huge Diastasis recti (which is the separation of your abdominal muscles). After 6 months of Physical Therapy, the Diastasis did not correct itself. Eventually, I had to have surgery to repair both the hernia and the Diastasis, which my doctor said was one of the worse he had ever seen.

After my surgery and 6 week recovery, I was happy to have that all behind me, but I was still 40 pounds overweight and had absolutely no core muscle strength at all. That's when I began my own health and fitness journey, but I never went on a diet. I made healthier lifestyle choices and I never was deprived or felt deprived once while doing it. I lost the weight and I also restored much of my core strength too.

When I met Robert Ferguson, his Diet Free Life fell perfectly into my own philosophies about health and fitness and I'm thrilled to be working alongside his expertise. So join me in never dieting again. Robert and I are making his Diet Free Life available through the 8 Week Fat Loss Challenge and it's going to blow your mind.

So thanks for joining me, I'm excited for us to begin!
Michelle Rivera
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